Netent and Yggdrasil: Our Pick

Gambling is one of the most exciting activities known to humans and as it stands, it is one of the oldest activities people engage in. For many decades, people had to gamble in the street corners before casinos were developed and a lot of people started visiting casino houses. As a result, gambling became more professional and exciting, it was then even made legal in so many countries. You can check out if you will like to know more about gambling.

After many years of the casino boom, gambling evolved and online gambling was introduced to players. At first, the concept was not accepted because it is hard to trust that you will get your money from someone you cannot see. However, with many regulations coming up, players started trusting the concept and then, a lot of people kept switching to online gambling. As it stands, online gambling has become very popular and many people now enjoy playing online. You can learn more at .

Netent: The Origin Story

Once online gambling was introduced, there were a few casino game developers that joined the industry. One of these companies was Netent and till date, it has remained active developing games to players online. Since the company was created, it has developed a huge casino game collection that many online casinos now feature in their game lobby. Impressively, the games from this brand are also very popular among players in the online community. So, if you are new a top choice for you is the Netent game collection.

Yggdrasil: The Story

Yggdrasil, however, is one of the new players that came on to the scene after the boom of the online gambling industry. But, even though it is a relatively new casino game development company, it boasts of a large collection of casino games as well as a massive reputation in the online gambling community. A lot of online casinos now choose this brand as their top choice for online casino games. With that, the company is in contention with the top brands.

The Big Comparison

Netent and Yggdrasil are similar in so many ways and the major difference is that they are far apart in years. We made this conclusion because both brands have a huge following in the online gambling community and they have been able to create for themselves an impressive reputation. The two brands are very popular in the online gambling community and in addition to that, players love to play games from both brands. Also, they are both focused on creating a huge collection of games that players can enjoy.

Our Pick: The better brand

Interestingly, the two brands have a lot in common but as it stands, one is better than the other. From our research, we choose Netent as the better brand between the two. This is because Netent has been a great brand since it came unto the scene in 1996, and has been for more than 20 years. With that, the company has created a bigger portfolio compared to Yggdrasil and has also created a better reputation in the online gambling community.